The Great Outdoors

Change of Seasons in Full Color – May Gallery Competition

It’s May, and the beauty of nature is just outside the door – whether you live in the concrete jungle or outside of the city lights.

We want you to go outside, experience the world and capture the nature at its fullest using Impossible color film. Whether through awesome landscapes or the change of season in an inner city park, celebrate the great outdoors on Impossible film.

You can enter as many photos as you like. They must be shot on Impossible’s instant color film. You can upload them to the gallery from your computer or your mobile device using the Impossible Project App for iOS and Android.

The competition closes at midnight (CET) on May 31, 2015. If your photo is judged as one of the three best by Impossible, you will win a voucher worth 50 EUR / 50 USD / 50 GBP.

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Images so far submitted: 731