Into the Blue

The January Gallery Competition

Contest Winners

“If you see a tree as blue, then make it blue.” - Paul Gauguin

The weather influences everything - what you wear, how you spend your time, your mood. Even your instant film is susceptible: in colder temperatures, Impossible color film develops with bluer tones. You can keep photos warm as they develop to mitigate this, but since there’s no escaping the cold completely, why not embrace it? For this month’s competition, we want you to use our film’s unique chemistry to your advantage and create blue-toned compositions that capture the mood of colder moments.

You’re free to enter as many photos as you like. Scan and upload to the Gallery from your iOS or Android device using the free Impossible Project App, or use your computer. Whatever you upload, it has to be shot on Impossible color film to be eligible.

The competition closes at 11.59pm (CET) on 31 January, 2016. If your photo is judged in the top three you'll get a voucher worth 50 EUR/USD/GBP to spend in our shop.

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Images so far submitted: 612